Product Managers in 2020

Read ProductPlan's 5th Annual Product Management Report 

Discover 2020's most significant product management trends

What's inside

We are excited to share ProductPlan’s fifth annual product management report, Product Managers in 2020: Insights from product managers at the world’s leading companies.


Our report is based on the candid responses we received from over 2,500 product managers. We learned which product managers are the happiest at work, what they’re doing right, and their hopes for the new year.

In this report you will also learn:


  • The most essential skills a product manager needs

  • The biggest challenges they face

  • Prioritization, product metrics, and roadmapping best practices


We hope to encourage discourse on these subjects and explore ways to improve product management processes and the well-being of product managers.

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What are readers saying?

I wanted to tell you how valuable I found this report. As a new project manager with limited guidance, it was invaluable to me to see how other PMs spent their days and the challenges they struggle with. The report was so easy to read. I can't thank you enough!

Customer Success Manager & Product Owner at Weever Apps