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Throughout my years in product, I’ve experienced first hand the stress and frustration that managing a backlog creates. I’ve found that ineffective backlogs are often the biggest hindrance to a product manager’s ability to successfully drive a product forward.

That’s why I wrote Backlog Refinement: How to Prioritize What Matters.

With our new book, you are in control of the backlog. I’ll show you how to develop a personalized, concrete process that will empower you to not only manage the backlog efficiently, but align the entire team on what matters most.

Inside you'll find:

  • How we tackle backlog refinement at ProductPlan
  • Customizable templates for a more efficient process
  • Actionable strategies for backlog prioritization

Download Backlog Refinement: How to Prioritize What Matters and discover our methodologies and best practices to prevent your backlog from becoming a black hole.

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Jim Semick
Co-Founder and Chief Strategist at ProductPlan