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As the Director of Product at a roadmap software company, I’ve been lucky to work with thousands of product managers. I’ve seen many product managers struggle to stay focused on their product’s strategy and vision while managing a deluge of feature requests. Commonly, this results in a feature-based roadmap that encourages premature commitments that limit the potential of the product team’s work. The roadmap needs to be at a higher level to tell your product’s story.


Enter: feature-less roadmaps.


In Feature-Less Roadmaps: Unlock Your Product’s Strategic Potential, you’ll learn:


  • Risks of continuing to use feature-based roadmaps

  • Types of feature-less roadmaps

  • Be a better product manager with feature-less roadmaps

  • Rally your team behind the feature-less roadmap

  • How to transition from a feature-based to a feature-less roadmap


This book isn’t about ditching features all together; it’s about finding the right time and place for them. Feature-less Roadmaps: Unlock Your Product’s Potential is your guide to understanding, planning, and building a feature-less roadmap that puts your product strategy front and center.

Annie Dunham
Annie Dunham
VP of Product at ProductPlan