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We wrote this book specifically for product managers that are ready to lead a product team, develop a valuable product, and be an empowered product leader.

In this book, nearly twenty product leaders tell their stories. They share in detail about what makes for great leadership (and in turn great products).

Learn to hire and train capable teams, establish systems and processes that break down silos, and efficiently provide necessary context to empower smart decisions while leaving the details of the strategy to those who are best-suited to make those decisions: your teams.

If there’s one universal truth I’ve learned about product leadership, it’s that great product leadership can be learned. Great product leadership is intentional. It’s also complex, the result of the perfect balance of collaboration, service, strategic focus, and great communication.

Jim Semick
Jim Semick
Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at ProductPlan

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I wish I had come across this a decade ago. It’s full of great information from really accomplished people. I looked at this to help get my mindset in the right place, and this is really hitting all the right notes.

Kurt Stangl, Product Director and Agile Coach