Your Guide to Product Roadmaps

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At ProductPlan we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most forward-thinking product managers at the world’s most successful companies. We’ve had a chance to learn along with them, and in turn we’re sharing that knowledge with you.

Roadmaps aren’t limited to products; others can benefit by visually communicating their plan. In this book, we will provide several examples of roadmaps for other situations, including technology, architecture, and marketing roadmaps.

  • How to develop a winning product strategy
  • Best practices for building your roadmap
  • 9 example roadmaps to get you started

Every roadmap is different. Regardless of whether or not your title is “product manager,” your goal in developing your roadmap will always be the same: To clearly articulate where you’re headed, and to show your strategy to your stakeholders in a compelling way.

Jim Semick
Jim Semick
Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at ProductPlan

Advice from a contributor

Today’s companies need to be agile, move quickly, and be adaptive — and that is really difficult with a static roadmap. We believe that anything that is more than just a few months out is fuzzy and needs to change. We’re fast moving and to be agile, it’s important to have a living roadmap!

Jon Walker, Chief Technologist and Founder at AppFolio